The discount online Thomas Crown Affair outlet sale

The discount online Thomas Crown Affair outlet sale

The discount online Thomas Crown Affair outlet sale


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While the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair couldn''t really hold a candle to the magnificent 1967 original the soundtrack is a little better. Bill Conti''s score -- while not as pungent as Michel Legrand''s original -- is still effective and probing. One of the highlights of this version is Sting''s version of the classic ''Windmills of Your Mind '' which brings a slight (and welcome) reggae element to this song. Nina Simone''s ''Sinner Man'' is almost as good highlighting her fabulous blues/jazz vocals. ~ Matthew GreenwaldOriginal score composed by Bill Conti.Valley Bill

The Thomas Crown Affair is a caper story with a new (well, retread) twist: Pierce Brosnan plays a guy who can afford virtually anything, so he attempts to get something he can''t, a Monet. It''s a movie fitting of a polished, well-produced soundtrack, which is exactly what this disc delivers. ''s previously unreleased version of the famous theme song "Windmills of Your Mind" lacks the suave psychedelic flair of Noel Harrison''s original version (he won an Oscar for the song on the original Thomas Crown soundtrack), but should please his fans. ''s classic "Sinnerman" is a welcome contribution, and ''s "Caban La Ka Kratchie" is a steamy world fusion tune. Bill Conti''s score--varying from pulsating piano compositions to smooth jazz--rounds out the rest of this short soundtrack. For most, the real attraction here is the Sting cut. --Jason Verlinde

Track Listings

1 Windmills Of Your Mind - Sting
2 Sinnerman - Nina Simone
3 Everything (...Is Never Quite Enough) - Wasis Diop
4 Caban La Ka Kratchie - Georges Fordant
5 Black & White X 5
6 Never Change
7 Meet Ms. Banning
8 Goodnight/Breaking & Entering
9 Glider Pt.1
10 Glider Pt.2
11 Cocktails
12 Quick Exit

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